Treated White Fused AluminaTWA


TWA is White Fused Alumina produced by fusion of high purity alumina in an electric arc furnace and controlled solidification process. Its low impurity contents and monocrystalline structure provide very high hardness and abrasion resistance.
Especially, TWA shows excellent compatibility with resins by specific chemical treatment. TWA could be adapted to the laminated floor and decorative paper for the enhancement of wear resistance and high transparency.

Chemical Composition (wt. %):

Compositionlg LossAl2O3Na2OSiO2Fe2O3
Specification-99.0 min0.30 max0.05 max0.05 max

Physical Properties:

Property SL Type SM Type SD Type
Particle Shape Very pointed and angular Angular Cubic
Crystalline Structure Corundum
Color White
Absolute Density 3.96
Bulk Density
#150 1.76 1.85 1.93
#180 1.76 1.85 1.93
#220 1.76 1.85 1.93